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The First International Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation Gender Networking Conference in Came

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Mindset Change & Empowerment of the Professional

Cameroonian Women for Development”.

Any endeavor that is not rooted in our Almighty God is worthless. We celebrate the name of Jesus Christ for conceptualizing, initiating, putting in place the right people and monitoring the successful execution of the ‘1st International Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation Gender Humboldt Kolleg 2019, Cameroon’, which gave birth to the “Cameroon Professional Research-Oriented Women Network” (CaPROWN)...

The unique support from the German Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon through H.E. Dr. Hans-Dieter Stell, the Ambassador and his wonderful collaborators (Dr. & Mrs. Lars Leymann & Ms. Judith Carola Gosmann) who went out of their busy schedule to assist in the planning and successful realization of the Gender-Humboldt Kolleg, 2019 is immeasurable! We the Local Organizing Committee of the Kolleg greatly appreciate and thank you so much..

We can’t really express the gladness in us for the encouraging bureaucratic assistance and physical presence of H.E. the Minister of State of the ‘Ministry of Higher Education’ (MINESUP) Prof. Jacque Fame Ndongo represented by his Secretary-General, Prof. Wilfred Gabsa; H.E. the Minister of the ‘Ministry of Women’s Empowerment & the Family’ (MINPROFF) Prof. Marie Therese Abena Ondoa Obama; and H.E. the Minister of the Ministry of Scientific Research & Innovations’ (MINSERI), Prof. Magdeleine Tchuente. Your contribution, especially during the opening of the Kolleg, made all the difference in driving home the objectives of the conference. We are grateful to the Director of MINESUP, Prof. Dr. Logmo in processing our presidential authorization permit for the Gender Kolleg to hold..

Relevant Content

Although the Humboldt Kolleg was gender inclined, meant to motivate women in Sub-Saharan Africa, it was not exclusively for women. We extend our gratitude especially to Prof. Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni, the President of Humboldt Association in Cameroon (HAC) and Prof. Dr. Simeon Fogue Kouam, the scientific coordinator of AvH, Cameroon for the strong support and grooming procedures they went with us during the planning and realization of the Kolleg. Our appreciations are extended to the Humboldtians who spared their time and efforts despite their tied schedules to assist in moderating the different presentation sessions for three long days.

The magnificent and astounding paper presenters who graced the parallel sessions for two days gave the serein but thought-provoking academic atmosphere and icing of the conference cake. We want to mightily appreciate your expository discourses, some of which have been privileged to constitute the chapters of this book volume.

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