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Humboldt Alumni Prize Award for Innovative Network Initiative

In 2020 was awarded a Humboldt Alumni Prize for Innovative Network Initiative with a project entitled: “ Cameroon Professional Research Oriented Women Network" (CaPROWN) with the main aim of developing a sustainable virtual and physical platform that will expose, sensitize, motivate, generate both mentor-mentee relationships, that will be able to orientate and empower many female junior researchers in Cameroon and it's sub-region across Africa.


As part of its vision and mission, CaPROWN aims to publish a biennial book series with the articles of female Cameroonian scientists in their different academic disciplines. And as regards networking, we will form a platform for discourse and training on particular skills: i.e. project management techniques, internet tools and their appropriate applications, and empowering them on how to produce very competitive research proposals that will meet international standards.

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