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Evelyn Fogwe Chibaka was born in Mbatu-Mezam, Cameroon. She did her Ph.D. in generative Syntax at the University of Hamburg, Germany under the sponsorship of ‘Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst’ (DAAD) (2001) and her habilitation in 2009 under the sponsorship of ‘Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Stiftung Foundation’ at the University of Hamburg. Evelyn is currently a Full-time Professor and researcher in the Department of Linguistics, University of Buea, Cameroon.


In her area of research interest, she has published widely in national and international journals, book chapters, and books in the domains of Syntax, Applied Linguistics - Documentary Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Gender, and currently in Digital Humanities her newfound research interest specialty.

As a primary investigator in many endangered language documentation projects (progressively and simultaneously sponsored by AvH, ‘Volkswagen Stiftung Foundation (DoBeS Program)’, ‘International Centre for Research and Documentation on African Tradition and Languages (CERDOTOLA)’, University of Buea research grant and The German Embassy, Yaounde, Cameroon) specifically in the NW and Littoral (Basaa A43a) Regions of Cameroon, she has been extensively exposed to some language technologies, research techniques and methodologies, traditional artifacts and cultural corpora/data collection, data and research project management, and data archiving digital tools and techniques.

She is teaching introductory courses (in Generative Syntax & Applied Linguistics) at the undergraduate levels; teaching mostly the MA & Ph.D. levels in Syntax, Morpho-syntax, Semantics, Applied Linguistics (in all the different inter-related disciplines), Socio-, Psycho- and Documentary Linguistics during different Semesters. She is actively supervising theses from both undergraduate (BA) and post-graduate (MA & Ph.D.) candidates in the Universities of Bamenda, Buea, Yaounde 1, and Hamburg.


Evelyn functions as ‘International English Language Testing System (IELTS)’ Examination consultant with British Council, Yaounde Center. She has gained experiences in organizing or jointly organizing national and international training workshops, symposiums, and colloquium/conferences; providing academic talks, lectures, and Keynote speeches in national and international Summer schools/Universities and colloquium/conferences. Active now as a research fellow in the University of Hamburg in editing and developing books and articles from already collected data from previous research field trips.

Currently, she is intensely engaged in Gender (marginalization/disparity) related research propagation, which has lured her into establishing a ‘Trans- and Inter-disciplinary biennial book review series’ for Women-in-science and creating professional research-oriented women networking association (CaPROWN) and grass-root women development group, ‘Bezen Women Development Group (BeWoDeG)’ to realize her research vision and mission.

She is the founder and President of CaPROWN and has just won the "Humboldt Alumni Award 2020 for 'Innovative & Networking Initiatives' promoting networking between female academics".

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