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Execution report 

“A Borehole/portable water supply micro-project for the Bezen Women Development Group (BeWoDeG)”

Sponsored by

The Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, the latter acting through Dr. Mr. Hans-Dieter Stell, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Yaounde, Embassy.

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Training workshop for the ‘The language of ethno-medicinal discourse in Southern Jukunoid communities of Cameroon (LEMSOC)’ project, October 2016 Team group picture to the right.

Thanks to "Volkswagen Foundation (DoBeS Programme) 2016 - 2019" sponsorship.

Faculty pic.JPG

Official opening of the 'Bezen Language Documentation Project' (BeLDoP), October 2011 - participants (i.e. The Bezen chief & language consultants; the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Wum & some Government administrative representatives, the PCC pastors in Aghem, & the local research team members)  picture on the left.

Our gratitude goes to the "Volkswagen Foundation (DoBeS Programme) 2011 - 2014" sponsorship.

Training workshop for the ‘The development of a ‘Polylectal Grammar’ and a ‘Trilingual dictionary’ for the Mankon Varieties (NKUN language) project, November 2013 - participants (i.e. six chiefs & representatives of the seven villages, research team members and language facilitators from SIL & CABTAL Bamenda branches)  picture below. 

Under the sponsorship of "Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation" (2010 - 2013).

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